Why ITTC Offers a Multi-Certification Program

When a coach graduates from ITTC they will have earned one master level certificate, The Certified Transformational Transpersonal Coach Certificate, along with the coaching specialty certificate, The Certified Spiritual Integration Coach Certificate. Two certifications, three if they want the Associates Certificate, all for one price. Why do we do this?

Many people who start coaching are integrating expert knowledge into a coaching model and begin practicing with less than 75 hours of education, or no education at all. Because coaching is a profession that does not require certification or licensure, it makes it an easy profession to transition from working in a traditional 9 to 5 job to a freer and more flexible lifestyle. That is one of the pluses of coaching!

However, there are a few minuses to not having coaching education or certification before beginning your practice. Without a solid coaching education, coaches are at risk for harming their client’s mental and emotional well being. Untrained and under-trained coaches are more likely to give advice where none is warranted, not refer their clients to therapists when trauma is an underlying factor for why they can’t get what they want, and may not know how to protect themselves legally.

Without certification coaches make less money, on average, than the coach with education and certification. That is a verified fact based on research from The International Coach Federation. Having coaching education certification not only positively effects a coach’s credibility as a professional, but there is a greater likelihood that a coach with education is better at getting the job done and can demonstrate a higher degree of client satisfaction and return of investment.

ITTC offers a multi-certification educational program that allows someone with no previous coaching education to begin coaching in only a few months with an Associate Certificate, while maintaining forward momentum, mentorship, and skill development under the guide of our industry expert instructors. ITTC students have professional support available which they can bring their coaching dilemmas to class and Coach Studio Live to be mentored and supervised by coaching experts, and receive expert business startup support.

Coaches with experience, or who already have an associate’s certificate from another school, can join and complete their intermediate to master level educational process and receive full business development support all for the same price. There are no extra fees to complete the business development portion of the program, ever.

The ITTC Multi-Level Certification Program provides new or previously uncertified coaches with an Associates Certificate after attending the first 70 program hours, while providing the next stage of education to complete the journey to coaching Mastery. Most coaching schools provide basic to intermediate course offerings in hope students return in a few years’ time to complete their education.

Without business development training coaches have a hard time building a business and are not likely to continue on to a master’s level program for financial reasons.

While there are some coaches who make six and seven figure incomes with little to no coaching education, the research shows most do not. We keep students forward momentum to professional and financial mastery through the multi-level certification process, free Coach Studio Live classes and Peer Coaching for life, business development, client attraction processes, and personal mentorship.