Private Coaching with Elizabeth

Private Coaching with Elizabeth

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Experience the VIP Benefits 

"Elizabeth’s coaching program is life-changing and unlike any other on the market. The background, history, resources, and mentorship received during the program have prepared me for my career as a Transformational Life Coach. Working with Elizabeth privately for one year has given me confidence, clarity, and excitement to drive my entrepreneurial spirit. If you are looking for a coaching program that will bring out the best in you and your practice, the ITTC program will completely honor this and so much more. Thank you, Elizabeth Sabet!"

Jennifer Cumberbatch, Harmony & Work/Life Balance Coach

My private coaching program integrates the entire Spirit, Soul, & BottomLine program and so much more!

~ A 4 Hour intensive 
~ Three 2-hour sessions a month
~ Unlimited emails
~ Unlimited SOS calls,
~ Elizabeth's  Spirit, Soul, & BottomLine workbook and curriculum.
~  Transformational & Transpersonal Coaching
~ Mindset Coaching
~  Business Education
~  Business Processes & Procedures Development
~ Team Development
~ Psycho-Spiritual Development and Integration
~ Spiritual Response Therapy 
~ 6 Hours of Bonus Marketing and Website Video Traning from Smart Alchemy



Spiritual Bottom Line

Higher consciousness values don't have to take a back seat to developing a lucrative coaching practice or business.

Learn how to integrate the connection to your higher self into your business that enhances impact & authenticity.


Soul Bottom Line

Your soul is comprised of your Mind, Will, and Emotions. Discover how they are helping or hurting your financial bottom line.

Take action now & build a business or practice that reflects your inner growth.

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Financial Bottom Line

You have the right to live well and in harmony with your values at the same time.

Discover and repattern the false spiritual beliefs and vows that keep you from your wealth.

What You Receive

~  My private coaching program is comprehensive! Whether you sign up for the 6 months or 12-month program, you will walk away with the ability to increase your income, peace, and life enrichment.

~  Create an integrated annual, quarterly, and 90-day plan to increase your bottom line - so that you can prevent burnout, wasted money, effort, and time on strategies that don't work.

Deep transformational and transpersonal coaching to cultivate your highest potential.

 ~  Craft a unique business model that integrates your unique life experience and expertise to attract the right clients!

~  Learn how to attract clients with Elizabeth's signature Integrous Client Attraction Process.

~  Develop your professional presence and expression to increase your financial bottom line!

~ What you need to know about the psychology of the soul to create an aligned business that fills you with JOY!

~  The #1 "Integrative Coaching Strategy" you can use in any business to create  high-impact client results, so your clients say,  "I LOVE her services and won't go anywhere else!"

~  value assessment and integration for your spiritual and business values - so you know for a fact you're planning for your whole life!

~  Receive forms and instruction sheets to help run your business efficiently.

Create Your Business or Practice From the Inside Out 
Yes!! I Want to be 100% Grounded In Who I AM!
  • I want to turn my experience, expertise, and gifts into a lucrative private coaching practice... but I don't know how to do that in a way I can make the money I want. OR
  • I want to manage my team, employees, and provide services for my customers that reflect my higher consciousness values.
  • I am tired of trying to figure out my brand and how to create a website I can be proud of!
  • I feel I "have a calling" and there is more to life than the way I am living it now  --  but I don't know how to make the transition on my own.
  • I want a community of like-minded individuals who share my desire to consciously create my business and hold holistic values.
  • I make a great income BUT am left drained and empty at the end of the day.
  • I need support to make things happen... I am tired of doing this alone!!!

Invest your time with me and you walk away with a plan you will begin implementing the next day and the support to complete your most important goals.

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Elizabeth Sabet, Transformational and Transpersonal Coaching Expert, Business Efficiency Trainer and Expert, Spiritual Integration Specialist, and Child Care and Parenting Consultant, helps professionals transition their work experience and areas of expertise into a lucrative coaching practice.

Her business and training background allows Elizabeth to show professionals not only HOW to coach in a way that creates a lasting impact in their client's lives, but she is an expert at helping coaches define their coaching niche and how to set their coaching practice up for success.

Elizabeth is a student of A Course of Miracles and Advaita and is exceptionally intuitive. She is a Certified Spiritual Response Therapist and an energy healer. She uses her spiritual gifts to help her students and clients identify blocks and progressively clear them to move past their blocks on levels most coaches and business experts cannot do.

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Your Bonus Marketing Material Supports Your Business in Ways you Never Thought About!


Jamie Mears is a graduate of The Institute of Transformational and Transpersonal Coaching and has spent the last decade assisting small businesses to become autonomous of ad agencies. 

She is an expert in coaching to capture a brand’s essence, market identity, messaging, and online presence. Her business and marketing background provides deep insights and simple, cost-effective solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. 

Jamie holds a Bachelors in Visual Communications and presents 18 years of experience in Marketing Development, Digital Design, and Brand Consulting.

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OR call her at 806-441-8775