Meet Our Faculty & Staff

Elizabeth Sabet, Founder and CEO

Elizabeth Sabet, PCC, ACSLC, CBC is the Creator and CEO of The Institute of Transformational and Transpersonal Coaching. She is the lead instructor at ITTC and works as a Transformational, Transpersonal, Spiritual Integration Coach in private practice.

Elizabeth’s greatest joy is to connect deeply with her clients and support them in uncovering and unblocking their beauty and genius. Her innate ability to see, hear, and feel her client’s dilemmas from multidimensional viewpoints allows her to empower her clients in a way that supports the cultivation of a deep awareness and appreciation for their unique gifts, talents, and skills, and the courage it takes to express them.

She is a student of Non-Duality through the teachings of Advaita and A Course of Miracles (ACIM). She studied with Dr. David R. Hawkins, teacher of Devotional Non-Duality and ACIM, and Waris Faridi, Non-Dual Advaita Scholar. She provides her clients with experiential processes to connect to thier timeless, non-dual awareness to connect to the next right answer, or question, to support authentic integration of their non-dual awareness into their daily lived experience in practical, grounded ways.

By using the SpiritPath Coaching Method she created in 2007, her clients experience profound integration of their spirit and soul into their personal and professional lives. Elizabeth’s intuitive, integrated coaching approach gets to the heart of the matter quickly and provides her clients with down-to-earth emotional safety, compassion, and release from limiting beliefs, behaviors, patterns, and programs. Her clients enjoy profound authenticity, integration, transformation, creativity, clarity, healing, and forward movement into the life they want to be living, being who they want to be.

Elizabeth’s has presented papers on spiritual integration coaching and spiritually supportive communities at national and international conferences. Since 1996, Elizabeth has worked to educate people of all ages and backgrounds about the principles of holism in the fields of integrated health, parenting, community relations, team building, and spiritual development.

She is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of HOPE, Holistic Options for People Everywhere, in Lubbock, Texas. A non-profit organization dedicated to creating community dialogue about the inclusion of holistic practices and principles, and to providing community activities, support, and education for individuals with spiritual emergence experiences or anyone ready to explore life beyond the boundaries of their enculturated life experiences. HOPE has trained over 140 mental health professionals on the issues and ethics of spiritually transformative experiences in Lubbock, Texas, and provided hundreds of free events to the local community.

She is a long-term meditation practitioner and has been a meditation instructor and facilitator at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center in Lubbock, Texas, and has taught children to meditate for over 25 years.
Her professional background is in administrative law dispute resolution, training, the management of early childhood programs, and transformational/transpersonal, and spiritual integration coaching. Elizabeth is a phychic medium and has integrated many non-linear, non-ordinary state of consciousness experiences since childhood including out-of-body, after death communication, and many other types of experiences.

She lives in Lubbock, Texas and is grateful to be the mother of two beautiful daughters and is a proud grandmother of two beautiful boys. Her interests include hiking, fishing, cooking, hospitality, and gathering with loved ones.

Elizabeth J. Sabet, PCC, ACSLC ITTC Founder and CEO

Dr. Rosie Kuhn, Preeminent Thought Leader, Coach and Leadership Facilitator

Dr. Rosie Kuhn

Dr. Rosie Kuhn, author of the popular book, ‘Self-Empowerment 101’ and founder of The Paradigm Shifts Coaching Group, is the preeminent Thought Leader in the field of transformational coaching, coach training, and leadership development.

Rosie specializes in identifying and transforming belief systems that hold us back in business and in life. She empowers individuals, executives and organizations to fearlessly embrace transformation and realize previously untapped potential.

Working with Rosie requires integrity, accountability, and commitment to actualize the desired outcome. Her fierce, compassionate nature and grace under fire inspires confidence and cultivates growth in every one of her clients.

Rosie began her career over 30 years ago as a clinical therapist for addiction recovery programs in Nova Scotia, Canada. In 1999 she founded The Paradigm Shifts Coaching Group, and in 2001, she created the Transformational Coaching Training Program in Silicon Valley, which she facilitated for over a decade.

Her unique model of coaching builds upon her understanding of the domains of awareness of our humanity; the foundations of which are systems theory, transpersonal psychology and years of immersion in the field of addictions. Her expansive breadth of knowledge and experience bridges quantum physics to cosmic consciousness.

Dr. Kuhn is brilliant in her capacity to champion transformation within organizations. She has her finger on the pulse of the current global paradigm shift, which gives her an extraordinary fluidity with cognitive, emotional and spiritual acumen.

Rosie has successfully coached and trained professionals in banking, sales, recruiting, HR, health, education, and non-profit organizations, for clients such as Gap Inc., SanDisk, Flextronics, Sun Microsystems and Nike Israel.

Engaging and charming, Rosie is a popular speaker, facilitator, and blogger. She captivates audiences, often moving them to both laughter and tears. She has appeared at the podium, on television and radio, at the San Francisco New Living Expo, Santa Clara University and the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology.

Outside of her career, Rosie makes her home on Orcas Island in the Pacific Northwest where she spends many glorious afternoons painting with acrylics. One of her greatest feats is sailing across the Atlantic Ocean aboard a 93-foot schooner. Her second book, The Unholy Path of a Reluctant Adventurer tells the story of her choice-making process that took her to the far reaches of appropriate womanhood and closer to her own true essence of being. All of Rosie’s books are available at

Carolyn Marsalis

Carolyn Marsalis has worked in the counseling, training, and coaching fields for over 25 years. She holds a master’s degree in education, counseling, and human development as well as a certification in holistic health coaching. Carolyn is a Master Coach (International Coaching Federation certification pending). Additionally, she is a SoulCollage® facilitator, a WRAP® facilitator, an international speaker, and an author.
In recent years, Carolyn has facilitated programs designed to assist people in recovery from mental distress/illness as they return to full participation in their lives. She developed a coaching program utilizing a blend of dietary modification, coaching sessions, movement, and art to personalize coaching programs for her clients. 

The coaching Carolyn provides is grounded in simplicity, spirituality, and clarity allowing for one’s focused aspiration and creativity in all endeavors.  Her coaching clientele has included teachers, parents, students, ministers, attorneys, healthcare practitioners, university professors, senior level managers—all in various stages of career and life transition at Kraft, Pillsbury, Chili’s, Google, Starbuck’s, and YellowBook. Additionally, she has assisted numerous individuals in growing their businesses from being the personal provider of services into a small business with employees.

As a graduating student of ITTC, Carolyn is happy to assist students in their process of this very special coaching education.

Carolyn Marsalis

Erika Nimry

Erika Nimry

Erika Nimry is a Somatic and Embodiment Movement Coach, trail blazer, nomad and founder of The Movement that holds space for women to break open and break free of their conditioning and empowers them to stop making themselves wrong and start prioritizing themselves guilt free through self-discovery fueled movement and embodiment experiences.

She leads 200 hour instructor training, international retreats, runs a high level online group mentorship program and has worked with women from various countries including The United States, Australia, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Trinidad, South Africa and Colombia.

She specializes in helping women re-define their feminine experience and gain the courage to give themselves permission to show up to who and where they are more fully in every aspect of their lives.

Erika is relatable and has life and academic experience that create a unique and culturally sensitive lens through which she sees the world. She is a Historian with a specialization in Religion and Nationalism in Europe and the Near East which contributes to her ability to hold safe space for various backgrounds as well as bring deep knowledge on the history of the patriarchy and our colonial conditioning into her work.

She is also a certified educator and has taught in English language and literature in University projects and language learning centers in Saudi Arabia, International schools in Abu Dhabi and American public schools contributing to curriculum and adding to her skills of distilling and delivering information in easy to learn formats, suiting various learning styles.

Erika is also an ITTC graduate and mentee of the school’s founder, Elizabeth Sabet.

Outside of her career, Erika is a creative with a passion for food, recipe creation, photography and travel. She lives in Saudi Arabia with her husband where she also hosts secret suppers, holistic wellness workshops and cooking classes in her community.

Dr. Nicole Gruel

Dr. Nicole Gruel is an Author, Doctor of Spiritual Health, and Cheerleader for Agents of Awesome, who descends from a long line of samurai on her grandma's side. 700 years or so. The women in her family are fierce in spirit and deeply passionate about making the most of any life situation. Dr. Gruel brings this same way of being to her coaching and all that she does. She dreams of a world where everyone is healthy, happy, and leading lives of deep love and satisfaction. It’s radical radiance on all levels—body, heart, mind, spirit, community, and planet.
She has had some pretty wild experiences that led her to this point. A near-death experience as a teenager, the early loss of several family members, years of backpacking around the world, meandering through countless spiritual paths, and a quest to understand why we’re really here. Eventually, she came to realize the greatest challenge and most interesting part of the whole journey is how to ground and fully embody this human life. Right here. Right now. Right in the messiness and craziness of this hectic world.

Dr. Gruel inspires people to harness their spiritual and transformative experiences for life prosperity and joyful livelihood. Her books have been featured in leading wellbeing magazines and she’s been published in peer-reviewed academic journals.

Dr. Nicole Gruel has a PhD in Integral and Transpersonal Psychology. She's a past Board Member of IANDS (International Association for Near Death Studies), Co-Founder of IANDS Sharing Groups Online, Mentor for Life Coaches at ACISTE (American Centre for the Integration of Spiritually Transformative Experiences), an Advisory Board Member for Spiritual Awakenings International (SAI), and co-facilitates the Sydney chapter of the International Association for Near Death Studies (IANDS).

Dr. Nicole Gruel is a Gifts Compass™ Advisor and Training Facilitator, past NSW/ACT President of the Australian Association of Psychological Type (AusAPT), certified Counsellor, and certified Life Coach with Strategic Intervention and ACISTE. She has also trained in various healing, movement, and energy psychology modalities.

Her latest book, The Power of NOTEs: How Non-Ordinary Transcendent Experiences Transform The Way We Live, Love and Lead was a finalist for the prestigious INDIES Book Award. Her other titles have been featured in leading Australian wellness magazines. Nicole speaks on stages around the world to promote a world of wellness on all levels.

Dr. Nicole Gruel