Transformational Transpersonal Coaching (TTC) 200 Hour Master Course


Look, there’s a lot of cheap, fast, on-demand coaching certification out there that can get you in the coaching market quickly.

Those quick generic courses won’t help you become a masterful coach. And certainly, not one who knows how to connect to a client’s spirit and soul in safe, sustainable ways.

And what if you want to use the coaching approach with your clients, but don't want to use the term COACH?

Or, what if you do want to call yourself a coach but you also want to develop a business based on Higher Consciousness Principles? 

Will they teach you that? Will they teach you that AND how to build a business?

No, No they won't.

They will suck you into their $47 program and keep charging you more and more and more until you have paid thousands of dollars and still don't have what you need to integrate your whole self into a lucrative business model.

THIS is why I created the comprehensive TTC 200 Hour Certification Course. 

I can help you with all of that AND craft a business model that ticks all those boxes, by being transparent about the costs, and give you everything in ONE PACKAGE.

These are just a few of the services you receive in my program:

~ A world-class coaching education

~ Private and in-class coaching

~ Develop a suite of personalized business products to help you market your business and support your clients

~ A community of peers

~ Psycho-Spiritual education and development

~ Spiritual Response Therapy


TTC Program Components

This stand-alone course is included in the 200 Hour TTC Master Course.

You will develop your professional coaching presence and begin the business development curriculum, including 5 hours of branding, marketing, and web design services to help you develop your brand. 

ENROLL ANYTIME!  Each phase is taught in a 4-day immersion workshop.

There are 3 months between each phase to give you time to practice, attend weekly classes and mentor and peer coaching, complete the on-demand study material for each phase and attend as many of the weekly Focus Groups and Coach Studio Live Workshops as you would like.

Graduate in 12-18 months.  You will have the full program access for 18 months.

Email for a copy of the syllabus and all the program details.

To find more information regarding the Spirit, Soul, and Bottom Line course go HERE