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The Pew Research Center reports, "About half of the U.S. public (49%) says they have had a religious or mystical experience, defined as a “moment of sudden religious insight or awakening.” This is similar to a survey conducted in 2006 but much higher than in surveys conducted in 1976 and 1994, and more than twice as high as in a 1962 Gallup survey (22%). In fact, the 2009 Pew Forum survey finds that religious and mystical experiences are more common today among those who are unaffiliated with any particular religion (30%) than they were in the 1960s among the public as a whole (22%).

When this insight or awakening comes knocking, much has already changed or will likely for the client, such as their worldview, values, and relationship needs.

Ignored for too long, the call for change creates a painful discontent that the soul will either resist and hide from or, perhaps, potentially react in a way that creates harm. 

The potential dangers of unsupported spiritual transformation are well documented.

Spiritual integration clients come from all walks of life, from corporate executives to blue-collar workers ~ Awakening and spiritual emergence are no respecters of age, race, faith, or socioeconomic status.

As you can see ~ this population is growing fast ~ and is the most under-recognized and underserved population in the US.

The fact is ~ if you are in a helping profession, meditation instructor, or retreat leader, you are very likely to have these clients in your practice ~ How do you know you won't cause harm?

Increase your awareness, safety, and effectiveness on your path!


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Course Components

Class Time

~ 4 - 6 hour intensives      ~ 2 hour classes on Tuesdays - 3 weeks a month - for 18 weeks


26 hours of supervised practicum (included in regular class time)    
24 hours of peer coaching                    Total Program Hours = 84

Identify Spiritual Experiences

Identify 23 categories of spiritual experiences and their varieties

Identify Spiritual Bypassing

Learn how to recognize spiritual bypassing and when to refer to a mental health professional

Psycho-Spiritual Safety

Identify and develop 6 characteristics of a psycho-spiritually safe support person

Spiritual Abuse

Learn how to identify & differentiate adherence to religious guidelines and spiritual abuse by spiritual teachers and organizations and how to safely refer to other support professionals

Changing Values & Worldviews

Learn how to coach someone whose values and worldviews have changed because of their awakening or non-ordinary experiences

Integration Models

Understand 2 models of stages and processes of integration

The Role of the Coach

Understand the role of the coach in spiritual integration and spiritual emergencies

Support Systems

Learn how to develop appropriate support systems for spiritual integration clients

The SpiritPath Coaching Model

Learn how to coach clients using the SpiritPath Integrative Coaching Method created by Elizabeth Sabet

Advanced Transformational Coaching

Learn the coaching process of Fierce Compassion by Dr. Rosie Kuhn

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Professional Price for the Full Certification 

Pay in 3 Months


Per Month

Pay in 6 Months


Per Month


See the schedule below

Enrollment Procedures FOR PROFESSIONALS

Please follow the following steps to register for this program:

  • Complete the application below. An ITTC representative will contact you to set up an interview
  • Complete your interview with Elizabeth Sabet
  • After your application has been approved, make your payment arrangements
  • Purchase the required books

Application Qualifications FOR professionals

Due to the vulnerable nature of this population, only the following professionals are being admitted to this program at this time:

  • Professional Coaches with a minimum of 300 documented client hours or a minimum of 40 hours of basic coach training (exception for Full TTC Coaching Program Students)
  • Currently licensed mental health professionals, including LPCs, MFTs, Social Workers, Psychiatric Nurses
  • Licensed Pastoral Counselors
  • Certified Spiritual Guidance Directors

Disclaimer: This training is not specific to, or affiliated with, any religious background or tradition.  As spiritual or non-linear, non-ordinary states of consciousness experiences are not respecters of religious affiliation or belief, cultural identity, socio-economic status, education level, or any other identifier. This course is taught from the perspective that all non-ordinary consciousness experiences can be transformative if supported in the proper conditions. You will learn how to safely support clients in the integration process so that these experiences create lasting, meaningful transformation.

ITTC and this course do not promote one faith over another. That being said, be prepared for conversation around the concepts of divinity and different beliefs and perspectives from any spiritual tradition to be discussed. If the concept of a divine being, divinity, or religions other than your own disturbs or offends you, this is not the course for you. Many types of non-linear experiences will be discussed which some may find disturbing, unbelievable, or offensive to their faith.

There will be no refunds for having been offended or disturbed by someone else's beliefs or experiences.



  • March 10 - 11 Part 1
  • March 24 - 25 Part 2 (part 2 dates are subject to change)
  • March 29 - Spiritual Integration Coaching Weekly Classes Begin