“Transformational Transpersonal coaching is a calling.
It’s the art and science of deep presence and love.”

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When a coach graduates from ITTC's Master Course, they will have earned all the hours necessary to be accredited by any international coaching accreditation organization, in one program, for one price. Why do we do this?

Our mission is to educate and support the development of master level coaches through a full 200 hour comprehensive curriculum. At the completion of our course, the coaches will be capable of drawing out the genius and best psycho-spiritual expression of their clients, which will benefit the evolution of consciousness and the development of long term solutions the planet needs right now.

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Build Your Coaching Business With ITTC

From the Beginning of Your Course…

You will learn how to create the professional coaching tools needed to demonstrate professional credibility and promote your business. In Module Two you will begin creating:  

  • Your Coaching Niche
  • Your Coaching Model
  • Unique Assessment Tools to Support Your Model
  • Client Welcome Packets
  • Client Intake Paperwork
  • Thought Leadership Articles
  • Case Studies to Demonstrate Your Work


30+ Hours of Business Education and Support

When you complete the Master Course you will have received over 30 hours of business support.

Module Nine goes in depth into business management details including branding and marketing.

Each Coach Studio Live course is an opportunity for you to receive additional free assistance in creating any of the components in Module Two. And, there is no limit to the number of hours you can attend Coach Studio Live to receive the support you need to build the business of your dreams.


  • Caroline Marsalis

    Carolyn Marsalis has worked in the counseling and coaching field for over 20 years. She holds a Master’s Degree in Education, Counseling, and Human Development, a Certification in Holistic Health Coaching, and is a SoulCollage® Facilitator. Her coaching clientele has included ministers, teachers, parents, attorneys, healthcare practitioners, university professors, senior level management at Kraft, Pillsbury, Chili’s, Google, Starbuck’s, and YellowBook. Additionally, she coaches individuals in various stages of life and career transition.

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  • Elizabeth Sabet

    Elizabeth Sabet, PCC, ACLSC, CBC is the Founder and CEO of ITTC International. She works as an international Transformational/Transpersonal Coach and specializes as a Spiritual Emergence Coach in private practice. Her papers on Spiritual Emergence Coaching and Spiritually Supportive Communities have been selected for presentation at both national and international conferences. Elizabeth works to educate people of all ages and backgrounds about the principles of holism in the fields of spiritual development, community relations, parenting, and team building. Her background is in transformational and transpersonal coaching, administrative law dispute resolution, training, and small business development.

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  • Rosie Kuhn

    Dr. Rosie Kuhn, author of the popular ‘Self-Empowerment 101’ and founder of The Paradigm Shifts Coaching Group in Silicon Valley, is the preeminent Thought Leader in the field of transformational coaching, coach training and leadership development. Rosie specializes in identifying and transforming belief systems that hold us back in business and in life. She empowers individuals, executives and organizations to fearlessly embrace transformation and realize previously untapped potential. Working with Rosie requires integrity, accountability and commitment to actualize the desired outcome.

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  • Erika Nimry is a Somatic and Embodiment Movement Coach, trail blazer, nomad and founder of The Movement that holds space for women to break open and break free of their conditioning and empowers them to stop making themselves wrong and start prioritizing themselves guilt free through self-discovery fueled movement and embodiment experiences. She specializes in helping women re-define their feminine experience and gain the courage to give themselves permission to show up to who and where they are more fully in every aspect of their lives.

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  • Dr. Nicole Gruel is an Author, Doctor of Spiritual Health, and Cheerleader for Agents of Awesome, who descends from a long line of samurai on her grandma’s side. 700 years or so. The women in her family are fierce in spirit and deeply passionate about making the most of any life situation. Dr. Gruel brings this same way of being to her coaching and all that she does. She dreams of a world where everyone is healthy, happy, and leading lives of deep love and satisfaction. It’s radical radiance on all levels—body, heart, mind, spirit, community, and planet.

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Coaching Education Isn’t Just For Coaches

Transform Your Life, Transform the World


Transformational and Transpersonal coaching develops the ability to hold space for present and emotionally intelligent conversations with all the people in your life. Empower your family to be the best they can be and support the development of fulfilling life-long relationships.


Are you interested in creating a new cultural narrative in your area? Are you involved with social justice movements and creating sustainable solutions for the planet? Transformational and Transpersonal coaching education will teach you how to navigate that change more effectively and peacefully.


Are you a Human Resources Specialist or want to improve the likelihood of receiving promotions and raises at work? Professional coaching training, like ITTC's Master Course, has a proven track record of attaining career goals.